Butcher is a three-year upper-secondary vocational education program that concludes with a final exam. Students in the butcher program learn about meat technology and meat product manufacturing, environmental protection, the significance of meat and meat products in modern nutrition and also acquire economic evaluation for individual meat products.

Practical training for students in the butcher program takes place outside of the school premises, at workplaces of those employers with whom parents can sign an apprenticeship contract directly or where our school can enter into a training contract with an employer. A butcher can be employed in a slaughterhouse, meat processing plant, or butcher's shop. They are responsible for hygiene and cleanliness throughout the meat production process, so their duties also include cleaning and tidying up.

A slaughterer performs the slaughter of animals in the slaughterhouse, processes carcasses and internal organs, cools, and prepares meat for delivery to customers. A meat cutter and meat and meat product processor chops up half-carcasses, bones meat, prepares it for processing, as well as produces meat products. A processor of meat and meat product shapes (or confects) meat into retail cuts, prepackages meat for self-service sale and other meat products as well as produces simple meat products and semifinished products.

Students are involved in the Erasmus+ programme, through which they undertake practical trainings in Portugal and France.

They participate in various competitions, such as the national Moje podjetje (My Company) competition, where they establish a student company and the Salamijada competition. Students also participate in English language proficiency competitions, at both national and international levels (Poliglot, Best in English), as well as in the English EPI Reading Badge Competition.

We offer student excursions, visits to meat processing plants in Slovenia and Italy, tours of butcher shops in retail chains such as Mercator and Tuš as well as visits to confectioneries and bakeries operated by Spar Slovenia. They also visit Zotter Chocolate factory and companies like Kraš and Don Don.

During the natural science days, students visit Ljubljana Zoo, the School Veterinary Clinic and the vivarium club at BIC Ljubljana (General Upper Secondary School and Veterinary Technician School), the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana and participate in a clean-up initiative around the school premises. As part of cultural days, they attend film screenings and explore the city center of Ljubljana. Regular classes are enriched by sports days with a diverse selection of sports activities tailored to the season.

Our students gain experience through participation in various projects, such as Growing up with a Book and eTwinning. Moreover, our School of Food Processing and Nature Protection is the recipient of the European Quality Label for the eTwinning Slovenia project: I feel Very European Today.

There are various workshops available for students covering topics, such as safe Internet use, social inclusion, learning to learn, human trafficking, health and sexual education, waste separation, without discarded food concept, how to write a C.V. and the dangers of energy drinks. Additionally, they acquire the skills related to accessing the right information in the library and become acquainted with its Cobiss system.

As part of the volunteering initiative at BIC Ljubljana, students have the opportunity to become volunteers. They participate in school celebrations and various events such as World Food Day, Shrovetide, thematic exhibitions, Earth Day, and the New Year's bazaar. Every year, they also host a representative from the US Embassy in Slovenia.

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