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We are pleased to welcome you to the website of Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana. Whether you are interested in the fields of natural sciences (biotechnology, microbiology, biology etc), veterinary technology, food science, nutrition, nature protection, hospitality or tourism either as your future career or as further professional development, we hope you will find the information you are looking for.

Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana encompasses all of the above mentioned programmes on the level of upper secondary education and higher vocational education for students and adult learners alike from all the regions around Slovenia. General upper secondary school is also part of the educational programme.

Jasna Kržin StepišnikOur long and rich tradition of education, dating back to 1848, has not been based only on our outstanding performance, but also on our future-oriented learning and teaching because our aim is to provide our students with adequate knowledge and competencies for successful further studies and a future professional career. In that way students will be well-equipped to face the challenges of our rapidly changing environment and keep pace with fast evolving professional expertise. We firmly believe that the offered educational programmes will be in higher demand in the future.

By relying on innovative and contemporary curriculum our students and adult learners will acquire quality knowledge, abilities and skills. Moreover, students are provided with superb working conditions in our lecture rooms, classrooms, laboratories, workshops and sports halls in four school buildings, located on Ižanska Cesta, in Mestni Log and Prušnikova ulica in Ljubljana.

Together with our excellent teachers and lecturers we strive to encourage our students to develop their professional expertise and successfully complete their education.

Jasna Kržin Stepišnik MSc

Today, the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana represents one of the ten biggest educational centres in Slovenia.

Its nine secondary school and two further education programmes enable secondary and further education students as well as adult learners to gain not only general but also professional knowledge and competen­cies in the fields of veterinary practice, food technology and nutrition, biotechnology, nature protection, hospitality and tourism.

There are four units within the school centre:

General Upper Secondary School and Veterinary Technician School, School of Food Processing, Vocational College, and Inter-Company Training Centre. The school centre provides in-company training for professional workers in companies, food and catering establishments. It also runs confectionary, bakery, cookery, veterinary and computer courses, as well as culinary workshops for children. The quality of educa­tion and performance is our main mission, which is why we provide our students and adult learners with the best educa­tional conditions to achieve high-quality learning outcomes.

BIC Ljubljana has also been actively involved in international mobility programme. We have established a career centre that helps our students take the next step to further educa­tion or employment. We encourage our employees and provide them with continuing professional development and excellent working conditions. Special attention has been devoted to employees’ job satisfaction, and the centre has been awarded Family Friendly Enterprise Certificate. BIC Ljubljana actively participates in the local and wider com­munity through numerous activities and various projects.

  • The centre’s shop KRUHarije in CUKRnije offers confectionery and bakery products made in the centre’s own bakery.
  • Since 2014, the Biotechnical Educational Centre Ljubljana has been running the Primula teashop located in the botanical garden.
  • In 2015, we opened the first school veterinary clinic in Slovenia.
  • Since November 2014, the school centre has been a part of the project Učilna okusov, the business premises located at the Ljubljana’s central Market that offers local produce and dishes typical of a particular region of the Slovenian countryside.
  • In October 2015, BIC Ljubljana also opened the Culinary and Tourism Centre KULT316, which represents a unique and representative example of modern educational practice in hospitality, tourism, food technology and nutrition. The new premises enable further education and high school students to gain practical experience in a real-life learning environment, as the centre is open to the public. The Culinary and Tourism Centre KULT316 boasts a demonstration kitchen, a learning kitchen, a learning hotel room, a conference room, a wine cellar, an information point, a restaurant and a café.
  • The first school microbrewery has been operating on our premises since 2016.
  • The first school tourist agency has been operating on our premises since 2017.


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