Ljubljanski štrukelj v sodobni preobleki iz BIC Ljubljana


Ljubljanski štrukelj v sodobni preobleki iz BIC Ljubljana


Ljubljana Štrukelj is a dessert with a century-old tradition that enchants anyone who visits Ljubljana. We are inviting you to taste a bit of history of Ljubljana with this city dessert from the first original Slovenian cookbook from 1868, now prepared in a modern, innovative way by the exceptional pastry chefs from BIC Ljubljana.

The recipe for Ljubljana Štrukelj is considered the oldest recorded recipe for Štrukelj in the first original Slovenian cookbook from 1868, Slovenska kuharica. It represents an important part of the cultural heritage and gastronomic specialty of the capital city of Slovenia. The recipe for the original Ljubljana Štrukelj is the result of the culinary knowledge of Magdalena Knafelj Pleiweis. Her friend, Neža Lésar, transcribed the recipe while her husband, Anton Lesar, made a few final corrections. The Slovenian cookbook is the first original Slovenian cookbook, while the very first cookbook in the Slovenian language is Valentin Vodnik's book, Kuharske bukve, published as a translation of one or more original German cookbooks in 1799.


The author uses the term štrudelj, known in German as štrukelj, whereas Slovenians use the term for a rolled-up pastry or strudel and still have a separate term for štrukelj. Only in the revised 6th edition of the book (1912), prepared by Felicita Kalinšek, and in all subsequent editions, the term Ljubljana Štrukelj is used. In the second half of the 19th century it was already used for a pastry made of yeast-raised puff pastry, orange filling and apricot jam, which represents one of the earliest geographical names for a dish, also on European soil.

Ljubljanski štrukelj, Stela Špoljar


A more modern interpretation of the dessert was prepared by the pastry chefs in BIC Ljubljana and represents one of the culinary specialties and characteristics of the capital city of Slovenia. Yeast, sugar, milk, flour, spices, cream, egg yolks, a mixture of jams, an orange filling, homemade vanilla cream with a hint of orange, orange ganache, and roasted almond flakes all represent rather simple ingredients of the more contemporary interpretation of Ljubljana Štrukelj.

Chefs at BIC have taken the original Ljubljana Štrukelj from 1868 as the basis for its innovative reinterpretation, which has nonetheless preserved not only the local but also regional identity of the dish. Beautifully wrapped, this captivating golden yellow specialty is served in the most exquisite way.

FROM the danube area into every kitchen in ljubljana

The history and culinary heritage of the Ljubljana Štrukelj are also documented in two books by Dr. Janez Bogataj: Gastronomija Osrednje Slovenije in Ljubljane and Od nekdaj jedi so ljubljanske slovele. Ljubljana Štrukelj is a variation of the Austro-Hungarian dessert known as Osje gnezdo, also called Ferdinandovi krofi or Fernandeljni. Its origin dates back to the cuisine of the Danube area, while the name Ljubljana is used due to slightly different ingredients in comparison to Ferdinandovi krofi, such as the dough and filling. There are also some similarities in the preparation method, with a filled and sliced rolled-up pastry placed onto a baking tray before being baked. The geographical name Ljubljana probably derives from the ingredients and the preparation method, which differ from the ones used in the wider Danube region. Ljubljana Štrukelj was originally a festive dessert in urban areas. It gradually gained popularity in rural areas after the World War II.

Ljubljanski štrukelj v sodobni preobleki iz BIC Ljubljana v Čajnici Primuli


You can indulge in Ljubljana Štrukelj at any time of the year, so don't miss the opportunity to experience the flavors of this unique dessert that residents of Ljubljana have loved for over a century and a half.

At BIC Ljubljana, this special Ljubljana Štrukelj with a modern twist is served in the place with beautiful ambiance, Be Trendy Café on 11 Hradeckega Street or in Primula Tearoom, hidden under the ancient canopies of the University Botanic Gardens Ljubljana, and in a café or restaurant at KULT316, managed by BIC Ljubljana, on Prušnikova Street in Šentvid, Ljubljana.

The birthday of the recent interpretation of Ljubljana Štrukelj, when we also honor the culinary heritage of Ljubljana and its contemporary version, is celebrated every year on 25th January. But in Ljubljana you can now make your day with this delicious treat during the holidays or throughout the year!


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